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Very precise platform leveling accuracy 1mm possible
Specifications: Lift weight: 3000kg;
Max.primary lifting height: 450mm; The lowest height: 180mm
Lift time: 30s Platform total length: 4200mm
Length of the jack frame: 1500mm Each platform width:600mm
Free width between two platforms:850mm Power Supply Voltage: 220V/230V/380V/400V
Motor power:3.0kW/220V 2.2 Kw/380V Net Weight: 1100Kg
Gross Weight: 1150Kg Packing Dimension: 4500mm*650mm*300mm(2pc)
1000mm*450mm*400mm(1pc) Cubic Meter:1.94CBM
Extendable and wide platform is capable of serving more vehicles.
Pneumatic self-locking safety system.Safety teeth get
into working position automatically when release push
button every time. In-ground mounted design makes car driving convenience and maximize your workshop
Specifications: Lowering time:25s
Lifting capacity: 3000Kg (6600lbs)
Power Supply Voltage: 220V/380V
Max Lifting Height: 1800mm
Noise: <70dB
Min Hight:280mm
Net Weight: 750Kg (2000lbs)
Platform Length: 1500mm
Gross Weight: 800Kg
Single Platform Width: 500mm
Packing Dimension:1000mm×400mm×350mm (1pc) Cubic
Space Between Platforms: 850mm
Meter: 1550mm×550mm×350mm (2pcs)
Lifting time: 30s
YX300B Super Thin Scissor Lift
YX300B Super Thin Scissor Lift
Surface mounted
Four cylinder structure small frame 110mm to ground
Pneumatic locking system
Platforms extensions for long vehicle
Specifications: Lowering time:25s
Lifting capacity: 3000Kg (6600lbs)
Noise: <70dB
Lifting Height: 1850mm
Power Supply Voltage: 220V/380V, 1ph/3ph
Platform Length: 1435mm
Motor power: 2.2Kw/380V 3.0Kw/220V
Min Height: 110mm
Net Weight: 850Kg
Single Platform Width: 600mm
Gross Weight:900Kg
Space Between Platforms: 800mm
Packing Dimension:
1000mm*450mm*400mm (1pc)
Lifting Time: 30s
Cubic Meter: 0.43CBM
Sponsor:YingKou YongBang Machinery Co.,Ltd
[email protected] ICP Attestation:yingkou aisida
E-mail:[email protected]
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